The Grey Art Gallery is now Converge Gallery

The Grey Art Gallery is announcing a new direction for the business. As of June 29, 2012 the Grey Art Gallery will be changing its name to Converge Gallery. The name change was inspired by several reasons. Converge Gallery is a unique search keyword; there are no other art galleries that utilize these words. It is easy to say, spell, and is memorable.

Another reason for the name change is the confusion of the spelling of the word ‘Grey’ being that it can be spelled with either an ‘a’ or an ‘e’. The new direction will include a fresh look to the building facade and a new website, www.convergegallery.com.  Converge Gallery seemed appropriate because to converge means (of several people or things) to come together from different directions so as to eventually meet.

This represents what the gallery does for artists and the community. The artists featured come from different backgrounds and utilize many types of media to create their works. The events that the gallery hosts (i.e. First Friday, Spoken Word, exhibition openings, artist talks) bring in many people from all walks of life who ‘converge’ or meet at the gallery for a common purpose to appreciate and support the art and artists.

Visit our new website.